Vintage Illusions - The Art Of Dale Ewing
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I have always considered myself an artist even though it is not what I have made a living at.  I have always been a racing fan, mostly devoted to drag racing, but following all motor sports.

Growing up in California, it's impossible for a young man not to get caught up in car culture.  Sooner or later you would find your way to a drag strip.  I did, and even raced a few cars myself.

Vintage drag racing is what really gets me going, especially the era of the 1960's because of the wide variety of cars and pure experimentation that went on.  It inspired a lot of wild types of vehicles and individuals.  They are what I enjoy to paint and draw the most, although I am always open to a suggestion.

My paintings are just that; brush paintings the old fashioned way.  Not for any other reason then that I choose to try to create my vision with a brush.  That's all.

- Dale Ewing